2018 Real Estate Trend Reports pt1

Philadelphia real estate was hot in 2017. This new year promises to be a boom as well. With many types of properties in demand, real estate agents will opportunities for revenue growth and increased market share. Opportunities for realtors include an array of property types from luxury rentals to office cop-ops, specializing in baby-boomers and millennials , and even co-working spaces. “Work, Eat, Play” development continues to drive the construction and rehab market.  

Curbed Philly has released several reports about the market in Philadelphia. Here is the first of those reports.  Take a look and you’ll know why real estate is a great avenue for veteran- entrepreneurs. https://philly.curbed.com/2017/12/4/16721252/philadelphia-real-estate-trends-2018


 Veteran Entrepreneurship Fact Sheet

Trends in Veteran Entrepreneurship

 49.7% of World War II veterans owned and operated a business after leaving military service, and 40.1% of Korean War veterans became entrepreneurs

1- 4.5% of post-9/11 veterans have started their own business

2 -Veterans made up 12.3% of new entrepreneurs in 1996 but only 5.6% of new entrepreneurs by 2014

3- Young veterans are significantly less likely to become entrepreneurs than veterans from previous generations: In 2007, 75.1% of veteran business owners were age 55 and over and only 2.8% of veteran business owners were under the age of 35, compared to 12.7% of all entrepreneurs.

4- About 22-25% of veterans are interested in starting a business

5- Veterans are 1.2 times more likely to be self-employed than non-veterans, but 88% of self-employed veterans are 46 or older.

6-Women veterans are 0.7 times less likely to be self-employed than women nonveterans.

7 -African American and American Indian veterans are more likely to be self employed than their counterparts (1.2 times and 1.4 times respectively), but Asian, Pacific Islander, and Hispanic veterans are less likely to be self-employed (approximately 0.9 times less likely for all three categories).

8- Since 2007, business-ownership has increased: • 295% for women veterans • 50% for minority veterans • 56% for Hispanic veterans

9- Impact of Veteran-Owned Businesses In 2012, veterans owned 2.5 million businesses in the U.S*. These businesses: • Represented 9% of all U.S. businesses • Generated $1.1 trillion in receipts • Employed 5.5 million people • Had an annual payroll of $195 billion

10- *If business where veterans are half-owners are included, this number increases to 3.1 million businesses

11- Veterans are 30% more likely to employ other veterans

12- Households with veterans who owned businesses have higher income and wealth than those with veterans not owning businesses.

13- Skills and Training of Veteran Entrepreneurs In a study from the SBA’s Office of Advocacy: 14- More than 1/3 of veteran entrepreneurs said they had gained skills from their active duty service that were directly relevant to business ownership


Data from the “Bunker Report”



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