It’s Your Job to Know…Design Trends for 2019

One key to successful real estate entrepreneurship is the ability to keep up with the current market. It’s your job to know where the market trends are heading. It’s your job to know who your target client is and it’s your job to what they are looking for in a home.  Recent articles have highlighted design trends, housing preference trends and even broker collaboration trends.  One thing take notice of is design focuses on the trendy new looks for finishes in the home.  Your clients may be looking for the next big thing or something more classic. You need to be prepared.  Here are some trendy designs might expect to see.

 Bold Hardware

Ombre and metallics are now gracing the most updated kitchens. Think vibrant copper, rose gold or a one-of-a-kind gold faucet. statement.

Matte Black Finishes

Black appliances and hardware are big again but this time they are matte. A black matte can be striking and easily fit in with many designs.  “In the know” clients are looking for this as choice right now.

Modern Farmhouse

Rustic finishes and welcoming cozy hues are replacing the grays and that have been so popular. Even in the city, stylish apartments and homes are donning the look of the farmhouse.  Farmhouse aesthetic includes basin sinks, claw foot bathtubs colors galore.

Artistic Accents

One of a kind finishes and artwork in unexpected places are now used to elevate the look of a home.  Clients may be looking for colored sinks done in artwork inspired designs. They may be drawn to statement pieces in the bathroom or kitchen.   

Smart Home Additions

One of the biggest takeovers is the use of smart home equipment and appliances to the home. Smart technology integrates throughout home to make life simple. For example, the shower, sink, faucet, and/or vanity can be programmed to function through voice command or remote control via a smartphone. With endless possibilities, clients are sure to expect some smart home additions.


As the expert that your clients are looking to, keeping up with the latest trends can help you better serve both your buyers and sellers. So stay on top of this area of knowledge. The more you know, the more you grow!!!